Educon 2.4 Conversation Place:

When kids write because they want to, not because we tell them to

Conversation Description:
This conversation will focus on building a wiki and blog platform that is both safe for elementary kids and provides a real-world audience. Some of the stories will share insight in to when school gets in the way of real learning and call on "the room" to brainstorm how to avoid the traps of grading and assigning what can be a very personal learning path.
Conversational Practice:
We will build a collaborative wiki around how to develop a community of writers without letting school get in the way. We will use real elementary student writing as well as stories the kids and a teacher tells about where the writing comes from and where it goes!

Becky Fisher-@beckyfisher73
Pam Moran-@pammoran
Paula White-@paulawhite

Crozet 4th grade-http://kidblog.org/crozet4thgrade
Crozet 5th grade-http://kidblog.org/crozet5thgrade

What kids say:Are we going to get a blog? Because people say we are. Please write back. Heathercres(She has one now.)
I'd like to see my Steve Jobs page there I guess, because it's something I put a lot of thought into it.You may add any other pages you feel like.
Julianne- My Goal In Wikispaces
Noa--My Thinking Journey

Specific examples:
Noa's Library Thing reviews-


Evan--who says he has trouble writing-The Secret of ...the Pencil Sharpener---the Printer...the Copier...the Voice Box...the Tear
And Lucy:My BackYard-A Different WorldThe ViolinBald Head Island